Prostaglandin-induced iridial pigmentation in primates.

  title={Prostaglandin-induced iridial pigmentation in primates.},
  author={G P Sel{\'e}n and Johan W Stjernschantz and Bahram Resul},
  journal={Survey of ophthalmology},
  volume={41 Suppl 2},
Latanoprost, a new ocular hypotensive prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue prodrug, was found to induce increased pigmentation of monkey irides in chronic toxicity studies. This prompted us to investigate the effect of naturally occurring prostaglandins on the monkey iris to determine whether this pigmentary effect is unique for latanoprost or whether it is a class effect of prostaglandins. PGF2 alpha-isopropyl ester (IE), PGE2-IE and latanoprost were applied topically to cynomolgus monkey eyes for… CONTINUE READING
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