Prostaglandin F receptor expression in intrauterine tissues of pregnant rats

  title={Prostaglandin F receptor expression in intrauterine tissues of pregnant rats},
  author={Elvan Anadol and Halit Kanca and Atiye Seda Yar and Fatma Funda Helvacioglu and Sevda Menevşe and Engin Çalg{\"u}ner and Deniz Erdogan},
  booktitle={Journal of veterinary science},
In this investigation, we studied the expression and localization of rat prostaglandin F (FP) receptor in uterine tissues of rats on gestational Days 10, 15, 18, 20, 21, 21.5 and postpartal Days 1 and 3 using Western blotting analysis, real-time PCR, and immunohistochemistry. A high level of immunoreactivity was observed on gestational Days 20, 21, and 21.5 with the most significant signals found on Day 20. FP receptor protein was expressed starting on gestational Day 15, and a fluctuating… CONTINUE READING


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