Prostaglandin E2 Signals Through PTGER2 to Regulate Sclerostin Expression

  title={Prostaglandin E2 Signals Through PTGER2 to Regulate Sclerostin Expression},
  author={Damian Christopher Genetos and Clare E. Yellowley and Gabriela G. Loots},
  booktitle={PloS one},
The Wnt signaling pathway is a robust regulator of skeletal homeostasis. Gain-of-function mutations promote high bone mass, whereas loss of Lrp5 or Lrp6 co-receptors decrease bone mass. Similarly, mutations in antagonists of Wnt signaling influence skeletal integrity, in an inverse relation to Lrp receptor mutations. Loss of the Wnt antagonist Sclerostin (Sost) produces the generalized skeletal hyperostotic condition of sclerosteosis, which is characterized by increased bone mass and density… CONTINUE READING
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