Prospects for x-ray holography with free-electron lasers

  title={Prospects for x-ray holography with free-electron lasers},
  author={Johndale C. Solem and Keith Boyer and Waleed Haddad and Charles K. Rhodes},
  booktitle={Photonics West - Lasers and Applications in Science and Engineering},
We review the technical advantages offered by x-ray holographic microscopy for imaging the structure of living biological specimens. We discuss the wavelength, coherence, energy, and pulse-length requirements and conclude that these could be met by free-electron laser architectures of the near future. We also show that Fourier-transform holography using a reference scattering sphere is the best optical configuration for a practical instrument. 
Method of concentration of power in materials for x-ray amplification.
It is shown that the control of the propagation is the key factor that enables high levels of amplification in the kilovolt regime to be achieved with a total excitation energy of ~1 J.
Three-dimensional facial measurement by portrait holography and texture based focus detection
  • S. Frey
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • 2005
Durch die so erreichte laterale Auflosung im reellen Bild (<100µm) ist es moglich, einzelne Hautporen der Gesichtsoberflache kontrastreich darzustellen, wodurch Augensicherheit bei the Aufnahme der Hologramme erreicht wird.