Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA

  title={Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA},
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  journal={Living Reviews in Relativity},
We present our current best estimate of the plausible observing scenarios for the Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA gravitational-wave detectors over the next several years, with the intention of providing information to facilitate planning for multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves. We estimate the sensitivity of the network to transient gravitational-wave signals for the third (O3), fourth (O4) and fifth observing (O5) runs, including the planned upgrades of the Advanced… 

Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA

The sensitivity of the LIGO network to transient gravitational-wave signals is estimated, and the capability of the network to determine the sky location of the source is studied, to facilitate planning for multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves.

Parameter estimation with gravitational waves

The new era of gravitational wave astronomy truly began on September 14, 2015 with the detection of GW150914, the sensational first direct observation of gravitational waves from the inspiral and

A Late-time Galaxy-targeted Search for the Radio Counterpart of GW190814

GW190814 was a compact object binary coalescence detected in gravitational waves by Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo that garnered exceptional community interest due to its excellent localization and

Target-of-opportunity Observations of Gravitational-wave Events with Vera C. Rubin Observatory

The discovery of the electromagnetic counterpart to the binary neutron star (NS) merger GW170817 has opened the era of gravitational-wave multimessenger astronomy. Rapid identification of the

Breakthrough Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with the THESEUS Space Mission

The mission concept THESEUS (Transient High Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor) aims at exploiting Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) to explore the early Universe, as well as becoming a cornerstone of

Radio afterglows from compact binary coalescences: prospects for next-generation telescopes

The detection of gravitational waves from a neutron star merger, GW170817, marked the dawn of a new era in time-domain astronomy. Monitoring of the radio emission produced by the merger, including

Search for Long-duration Gravitational-wave Signals Associated with Magnetar Giant Flares

Magnetar giant flares are rare and highly energetic phenomena observed in the transient sky whose emission mechanisms are still not fully understood. Depending on the nature of the excited modes of

Search for Lensing Signatures in the Gravitational-Wave Observations from the First Half of LIGO–Virgo’s Third Observing Run

We search for signatures of gravitational lensing in the gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences detected by Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO)

An Infrared Search for Kilonovae with the WINTER Telescope. I. Binary Neutron Star Mergers

The Wide-Field Infrared Transient Explorer (WINTER) is a new 1 deg2 seeing-limited time-domain survey instrument designed for dedicated near-infrared follow-up of kilonovae from binary neutron star

All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave bursts in the third Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo run

After the detection of gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences, the search for transient gravitational-wave signals with less well-defined waveforms for which matched filtering is not



Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA

The sensitivity of the LIGO network to transient gravitational-wave signals is estimated, and the capability of the network to determine the sky location of the source is studied, to facilitate planning for multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves.

Prospects for Observing and Localizing Gravitational-Wave Transients with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo

A possible observing scenario for the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo gravitational-wave detectors over the next decade is presented, and the expected sensitivity of the network to transient gravitational- wave signals is determined, and its capability to determine the sky location of the source is studied.

Improvements in Gravitational-wave Sky Localization with Expanded Networks of Interferometers

A milestone of multi-messenger astronomy has been achieved with the detection of gravitational waves from a binary neutron star merger accompanied by observations of several associated


A milestone of multi-messenger astronomy has been achieved with the detection of gravitational waves from a binary neutron star merger accompanied by observations of several associated

A gravitational-wave standard siren measurement of the Hubble constant

A measurement of the Hubble constant is reported that combines the distance to the source inferred purely from the gravitational-wave signal with the recession velocity inferred from measurements of the redshift using the electromagnetic data.

Optimization of the Swift X-ray follow-up of Advanced LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave triggers in 2015-16

One of the most exciting near-term prospects in physics is the potential discovery of gravitational waves by the advanced LIGO and Virgo detectors. To maximise both the confidence of the detection


The inspirals and mergers of compact binaries are among the most promising events for ground-based gravitational-wave (GW) observatories. The detection of electromagnetic (EM) signals from these


The Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) and Virgo advanced ground-based gravitational-wave detectors will begin collecting science data in 2015. With first detections expected

Investigating the effect of precession on searches for neutron-star-black- hole binaries with Advanced LIGO

The first direct detection of neutron-star– black-hole binaries will likely be made with gravitational-wave observatories. Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo will be able to observe neutron-star–

First low-latency LIGO+Virgo search for binary inspirals and their electromagnetic counterparts

Aims: The detection and measurement of gravitational-waves from coalescing neutron-star binary systems is an important science goal for ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. In addition to