Prospects for improving the space catalog

  title={Prospects for improving the space catalog},
  author={J. P. Schumacher},
Space-based quantum sensing for low-power detection of small targets
Correlations between entangled quantum states can be exploited to dramatically improve detection sensitivity under certain conditions. In this paper we argue that space-based surveillance ideallyExpand
A novel data association scheme for LEO space debris surveillance based on a double fence radar system
A double fence radar system is proposed as an emerging paradigm for LEO space debris surveillance and this system exhibits several unique and promising characteristics compared with existing surveillance systems. Expand
Error analysis for laser-based metric calibration of the Naval Space Surveillance System
Simple geometric measurement models are considered, rather than detailed physical measurement models, in order to provide fundamental understanding of how errors transform in the two types of calibration considered, which are suitable for deriving calibration requirements and simplified error budgets. Expand


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Close conjunction detection on parallel computer
The text should mention that the algorithm described as applied to a single Cartesian coordinate is then successively applied to the other coordinates in the obvious way to select satellites that areExpand
Multitarget-Multisensor Tracking
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Applications and advances
Design of a tracking Algorithm for an advanced ATC system design of a multisensor tracking system for advanced air traffic control passive sensor data fusion and manoeuvring target tracking trackingExpand
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Multitarget-multisensor tracking: Advanced applications
Tracking and data association