Prospective use of xenon Xe 133 clearance for amputation level selection.

  title={Prospective use of xenon Xe 133 clearance for amputation level selection.},
  author={Wesley S. Moore and Roger Henry and John M. Malone and Mary B Daly and Debbie Patton and Seldon J. Childers},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={116 1},
Xenon Xe 133 clearance was used to select the most distal amputation level that would allow sufficient blood flow for healing. Capillary blood flow was first measured at the most distal potential amputation level, then at successive proximal levels until an amputation site was found that had a capillary skin blood flow rate greater than or equal to 2.6 mL/min/100 g of tissue. Xenon Xe 133 in saline (100 to 500 mCi) was injected intracutaneously at each level, and flow rates were determined… CONTINUE READING

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