Prospective study of mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis C virus.

  title={Prospective study of mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis C virus.},
  author={Hitoshi Tajiri and Yuji Miyoshi and S Funada and Yuri Etani and Jinro Abe and Tomohiro Onodera and Mitsuhide Goto and Masahisa Funato and Setsuko Ida and Chikara Noda and Mikio Nakayama and Shunichi Okada},
  journal={The Pediatric infectious disease journal},
  volume={20 1},
BACKGROUND Mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis C virus (HCV) could become the main route of HCV infection in the future because there are no methods available to prevent vertical infection. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of mother-to-infant transmission in infants born to mothers who tested positive for anti-HCV antibodies and to elucidate associated risk factors for transmission. METHODS Screening was conducted for 16,800 pregnant women with an anti-HCV… CONTINUE READING


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