Prospective imaging assessment of mortality risk after head-and-neck radiotherapy.

  title={Prospective imaging assessment of mortality risk after head-and-neck radiotherapy.},
  author={Benjamin J. Moeller and Vishal Sunil Rana and Blake A Cannon and Michelle D Williams and Erich M Sturgis and L E Ginsberg and Homer A. Macapinlac and J Jack Lee and K. Kian Ang and K. S. C. Chao and Gregory M. Chronowski and Steven J Frank and William H. Morrison and David I. Rosenthal and Randal S. Weber and Adam Seth Garden and Scott Michael Lippman and David Schwartz},
  journal={International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics},
  volume={78 3},
PURPOSE The optimal roles for imaging-based biomarkers in the management of head-and-neck cancer remain undefined. Unresolved questions include whether functional or anatomic imaging might improve mortality risk assessment for this disease. We addressed these issues in a prospective institutional trial. METHODS AND MATERIALS Ninety-eight patients with locally advanced pharyngolaryngeal squamous cell cancer were enrolled. Each underwent pre- and post-chemoradiotherapy contrast-enhanced… CONTINUE READING


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