Prospective assessment of fecundability of female semiconductor workers.

  title={Prospective assessment of fecundability of female semiconductor workers.},
  author={Brenda Eskenazi and Ellen B. Gold and Steven J. Samuels and Scott Wight and Bill L. Lasley and Sally Katharine Hammond and M O'Neill Rasor and Marc B Schenker},
  journal={American journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={28 6},
To investigate a possible effect of reduced fecundability (probability of conception per menstrual cycle) among women who fabricate silicon wafers, 152 fabrication-room (fab) and 251 nonfab workers were followed for an average of five menstrual cycles. Daily urine samples were analyzed to confirm clinical spontaneous abortions (SABs) and early fetal losses (EFLs). Adjusted fecundability odds ratios (FRs) for fab workers ranged from 0.59 to 0.72 (p = 0.09-0.28 vs. nonfab). For clinical… CONTINUE READING


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