Prospective analysis of stoma-related complications.

  title={Prospective analysis of stoma-related complications.},
  author={Iain Robertson and Elizabeth Leung and Deborah S. Hughes and Mary M. Spiers and Laura Donnelly and Ian R Mackenzie and A. E. MacDonald},
  journal={Colorectal disease : the official journal of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland},
  volume={7 3},
BACKGROUND Stoma-related complication rates vary between 10% and 70%, possibly because of varying lengths of follow-up. It is thought that most of the complications improve with time. Furthermore, little is known about the commonly neglected but potentially quite distressing complications such as leakage, soiling and night-time emptying. The aim of this audit was to examine prospectively whether there was any difference in the complication rates at different time-points during the postoperative… CONTINUE READING

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