Prospecting non-fungible tokens in the digital economy: Stakeholders and ecosystem, risk and opportunity

  title={Prospecting non-fungible tokens in the digital economy: Stakeholders and ecosystem, risk and opportunity},
  author={Kathleen B Wilson and Adam Karg and Hadi Ghaderi},
  journal={Business Horizons},
Stakeholders and Value in the NFT Ecosystem: Towards a Multi-disciplinary Understanding of the NFT Phenomenon
The first data-backed model of stakeholders in the NFT ecosystem is contributed, which reveals a nuanced account of the outlooks of creators, owners, and technologists; identifies investment firms and auction houses as arbiters of knowledge and value; and presents implications for future research.
Metaverse and the Evolution of Food and Retail Industry * 1
Purpose: This study aims to examine the opportunities in the food industry in the context of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. The metaverse expands offline experiences into a virtual
Non-Fungible Token: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda
The popularity of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has risen rapidly since 2020, becoming one of the most popular applications in the Fintech field. However, there has so far been no attempt to perform a
Blockchain as IoT Economy Enabler: A Review of Architectural Aspects
It is observed that there are very few examples of IoT projects that fully exploit the potential of the blockchain, and a reasoned review of several architectural choices in light of typical requirements of those applications and their impact on transaction throughput, latency, costs, limits on ecosystem growth, and so on is provided.
Transmedya hikâyecilik bağlamında NFT dünyası
  • Görkem İldaş
  • Business & Management Studies: An International Journal
  • 2022
Başta sinemacılar, yazarlar, reklamcılar, halkla ilişkiler uzmanları, oyun tasarlayanlar, dijital eser üretenler olmak üzere bütün hikâye anlatıcıları, hedef kitlelerine ulaşmak için transmedya


Is Non-fungible Token Pricing Driven by Cryptocurrencies?
Abstract In early 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFT) became the first application of blockchain technology to achieve clear public prominence. NFTs are tradeable rights to digital assets (images, music,
Fertile LAND: Pricing Non-Fungible Tokens
  • M. Dowling
  • Computer Science
    Finance Research Letters
  • 2021
This first study of NFT pricing is explored, exploring the pricing of parcels of virtual real estate in the largest blockchain virtual world, Decentraland; an NFT simply termed LAND, characterised by both inefficiency and a steady rise in value.
When Is a Disruptive Innovation Disruptive
A disruptive innovation (i.e., one that dramatically disrupts the current market) is not necessarily a disruptive innovation (as Clayton Christensen defines this term). To aid in understanding why