Prospecting Virtual Collections

  title={Prospecting Virtual Collections},
  author={Bradley D. Westbrook},
  journal={Journal of Archival Organization},
  pages={73 - 80}
Abstract Virtual collections are a distinct sub-species of digital collections and digital archives. Archivists and curators in their professional roles do not construct virtual collections; rather they enable virtual collections through the application of descriptive and other standards. Virtual collections are constructed by end users. 
The EHRI Project - Virtual Collections Revisited
This paper introduces details of EHRI’s approach to user-centric data integration across heterogeneous archival institutions using virtual collections. Virtual collections provide the means to
“Digitize This!”
It is argued that with the advent and proliferation of digital collections, archivists are not making themselves obsolete but rather are redefining themselves as the interpreters of collections in the digital environment.
California Cultures: Implementing a Model for Virtual Collections
The California Cultures Project is highlighted as a case study examining the architecture and framework required to support the deployment of digital objects as virtual collections at the California Digital Library.
Committing to Memory: A Project to Publish and Preserve California Local History Digital Resources
SUMMARY This article highlights the LSTA-grant funded California Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP) as a case study of a collaborative statewide program involving three primary groups:
Nuts and Bolts
The General International Standard Archival Description or ISAD(G) offers the profession a place from which to start extricating ourselves from the idiosyncracies of the authors' legacy data and description practices.
An online guide to Walt Whitman's dispersed manuscripts
In November 2002, with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln and the University of Virginia embarked on a project to create a unified finding
Encoded Archival Description: Data Quality and Analysis
This work analyzes a set of 8729 finding aids aggregated by the Texas Archival Repository Online using VADA, a visual analytic tool for finding aids, and shows previously unidentified problems that have significant impact on the ability to visualize this data.
Chronicling African American Women Students at the University of Iowa
“I didn’t do anything special,” said Lulu Merle Johnson, fi rst African American woman to receive a Ph.D. from an Iowa institution, in a 1991 Des Moines Register article.1 This newspaper clipping,
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