Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English

  title={Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English},
  author={David Crystal},
Preface 1. Some preliminary considerations 2. Past work on prosodic features 3. Voice-quality and sound attributes in prosodic study 4. The prosodic features of English 5. The intonation system of English 6. The grammar of intonation 7. The semantics of intonation Bibliography Index of persons Index of subjects. 

Parentheticals in Spoken English: The Syntax-Prosody Relation

The syntax and prosody of parentheticals, intonational phrasing and prosodic theory, and data analysis, results and discussion.

Transcribing the Sound of English: A Phonetics Workbook for Words and Discourse

Introduction Part I. Words ... : Why transcribe? 1. Vowels 2. Consonants 3. Word stress 4. Allophones 5. Accents 6. Phrases Part II. ... and Discourse: 7. Rhythm 8. Intonation: tonality 9.

English Phonetics and Phonology:A Practical Course

1.Introduction 2.The production of speech sounds 3. Long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs 4.Voicing and consonants 5.The phoneme 6. Fricatives and affricates 7. Nasals and other consonants 8.The

Entoação e fonologia

This paper is an outline of how intonation has been analyzed and described by phonologists and phoneticians within the framework of modern linguistics. Intonation is a prosodic reality that is

Prosodic orientation in spoken interaction

In recognition of the enthusiasm he has brought to all aspects of the study of spoken verbal interaction, we dedicate this series to Professor Dr. No. 26 Harrie Mazeland and Minna Zaman-Zadeh, The

Realization of Prosodic Contours in Speech Synthesis

The issue raised in the paper concerns variation in the degree of linking reflecting intraclausal syntactical-semantic relations, i.e. relations between the accentual units as constituents of a prosodic contour.

Prosody and Parsing: An Introduction

This introduction surveys some recent studies of the relationship between prosody and syntax, and provides a context for the papers contained in this issue ofLanguage and Cognitive Processes. It


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  • 2019
In this paper we present part of the analysis performed on intonation for the Basque language 1 . After a brief description of the most relevant characteristics of the language, criteria for corpus

Prosody As Marker of Discourse Segmentation in Suyá

The present study investigates whether ‐ as in several welldocumented languages ‐, prosody plays a role in the signaling of discourse segmentation in Suya, an Amazonian language of the Je group.