Proseptasine and Soluseptasine for Use in Hæmolytic Streptococcal Infections

  title={Proseptasine and Soluseptasine for Use in H{\ae}molytic Streptococcal Infections},
  journal={The Ulster Medical Journal},
  pages={139 - 139}
  • Published 1940 in The Ulster medical journal
THE demand for a Soneryl suppository of greater strength than the existing 3-grain product has led to the introduction of a new packing:-5 x 10-grain suppositories. Soneryl has proved of outstanding value in conditions necessitating the administration of a hypnotic and sedative. In rapidity of action and of elimination it approaches the ideal qualifications required in a preparation of this nature. The packing of 5 x 3-grain suppositories is supplemented by the addition of the new pack referred… CONTINUE READING