Prosecution for Heresy

  title={Prosecution for Heresy},
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Luther and the Reformation as Perceived in Rome: Methods of Spiritual Reform and Sustaining Catholic Orthodoxy
ABSTRACT Rome’s handling of the Reformation in northern Europe was determined by specific circumstances in which the Italian situation differed from that north of the Alps. This article arguesExpand
Treasure Hunt—Roman Inquisition and Magical Practices Ad Inveniendos Thesauros in Southern Tuscany
Resorting to the supernatural to find something lost is a practice that can be observed over a very large range of times and places. With the affirmation of Christianity, these kinds of habits andExpand
Giordano Bruno and the heresy of many worlds
By examining neglected treatises on theology, heresies and Catholic canon law, it is shown that Giordano Bruno's belief in many worlds was formally heretical. Expand
Historicizing the secularization debate : Church, state, and society in late medieval and early modern Europe, ca. 1300 to 1700
In recent years, the sociology of religion has been consumed by a debate over secularization that pits advocates of a new, rational-choice paradigm (the so-called religious economies model) againstExpand
Out of the Margins: Religion and the Church in Renaissance Italy*
In the last few decades religion and the church have moved from the margins — or, more precisely, the chronological borders — of Italian Renaissance studies to their center. Less than half a centuryExpand