Proresolving nanomedicines activate bone regeneration in periodontitis.

  title={Proresolving nanomedicines activate bone regeneration in periodontitis.},
  author={Thomas E Van Dyke and Hatice Hasturk and Alpdogan Kantarci and Marcelo O Freire and Daniel Nguyen and Jesmond Dalli and Charles N Serhan},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={94 1},
Therapies to reverse tissue damage from osteolytic inflammatory diseases are limited by the inability of current tissue-engineering procedures to restore lost hard and soft tissues. There is a critical need for new therapeutics in regeneration. In addition to scaffolds, cells, and soluble mediators necessary for tissue engineering, control of endogenous inflammation is an absolute requirement for success. Although significant progress has been made in understanding natural resolution of… CONTINUE READING
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