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Propulsion marine devices and vessels containing the same

  title={Propulsion marine devices and vessels containing the same},
  author={ヒョン リ,ドン and ス ソ,ジョン and ジュン ベク,クァン and グン パク,クァン and ミョン ファンボ,スン and ナム キム,ジ and クォン,ヒョク},
An object of the present invention is to disclose a marine propulsion device. A marine propulsion apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a front propeller and the rear propeller rotate in directions opposite to each other, a propulsion device for a ship which provides a thrust to propel the boat, the rear power unit provides power for rotating the propeller; spindle for transmitting the power provided by the power unit to the rear propeller; extend in a… CONTINUE READING

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