Proprioceptive training for learning downhill skiing.

  title={Proprioceptive training for learning downhill skiing.},
  author={Paraskevi Malliou and K Amoutzas and Argiris Theodosiou and Asimenia Gioftsidou and Kostantinos Mantis and Theofilos C Pylianidis and Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={99 1},
The aim was to assess whether balance training would improve downhill skiing for 30 physical education students who had no previous skiing experience and were randomly assigned to two groups. The control group attended only ski lessons for two weeks, 2 to 4 hours daily. The experimental group attended downhill ski lessons and indoor balance training on a balance board, wearing ski boots, for 20 min. every second day in the afternoon. All participants before training completed a balance… CONTINUE READING

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