Proprioceptive head posture-related processing in human polysensory cortical areas

  title={Proprioceptive head posture-related processing in human polysensory cortical areas},
  author={Oliver Fasold and Johanna Heinau and Maja Trenner and Arno Villringer and R{\"u}diger Wenzel},
  volume={40 3},
Besides visual input and vestibular afferents, proprioceptive input from muscle spindle receptors of the neck region contributes to the perception of egocentric space. Using fMRI we performed a neck muscle vibration paradigm in humans in order to detect brain areas involved in processing changes of the head position in relation to the rest of the body. We identified a network of primary and secondary cortical areas: (I) regions that presumably receive direct proprioceptive thalamic input such… CONTINUE READING
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