Proprioceptive guidance of saccades in eye-hand coordination.

  title={Proprioceptive guidance of saccades in eye-hand coordination.},
  author={Lei Ren and Aarlenne Zein Khan and Gunnar Blohm and Denise Y. P. Henriques and Lauren E. Sergio and J. Douglas Crawford},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={96 3},
The saccade generator updates memorized target representations for saccades during eye and head movements. Here, we tested if proprioceptive feedback from the arm can also update handheld object locations for saccades, and what intrinsic coordinate system(s) is used in this transformation. We measured radial saccades beginning from a central light-emitting diode to 16 target locations arranged peripherally in eight directions and two eccentricities on a horizontal plane in front of subjects… CONTINUE READING