Proprioceptive and retinal afference modify postsaccadic ocular drift.

  title={Proprioceptive and retinal afference modify postsaccadic ocular drift.},
  author={Rowena F Lewis and D. S. Zee and Herschel P Goldstein and Barton L. Guthrie},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={82 2},
Drift of the eyes after saccades produces motion of images on the retina (retinal slip) that degrades visual acuity. In this study, we examined the contributions of proprioceptive and retinal afference to the suppression of postsaccadic drift induced by a unilateral ocular muscle paresis. Eye movements were recorded in three rhesus monkeys with a unilateral weakness of one vertical extraocular muscle before and after proprioceptive deafferentation of the paretic eye. Postsaccadic drift was… CONTINUE READING