Proposition 187 in California

  title={Proposition 187 in California},
  author={Philip L. Martin},
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On November 8, 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, the "Save Our State" (SOS) initiative, 59 to 41 percent. If implemented Propo? sition 187 would create a state-run system to verify the legal status of all persons seeking public education, health care and other public benefits, and add public education to the list of services for which unauthorized aliens are ineligible. As of March 1995, the only sections of Proposition 187 in effect are those that make the manufacture… Expand
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  • American Journal of Law & Medicine
  • 2019
Proposals from public officials on opposite sides of the continent stood in stark contrast to the Trump Administration's demand for a wall at the southern border, and its proposed public charge regulations that are expected to lead millions of lawfully present immigrants and their families to forego health insurance. Expand
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nakedness of being human and nothing but human.” Incorporating biopolitics, Agamben suggests that the pairing of enjoyment of human rights with citizenship status is not a fluke or mistake to beExpand