Proposed a Heterogeneous Clustering Algorithm to Improve Qos in Wsn


In this article it has presented leach extended hierarchical 3-level clustered heterogeneous and dynamics algorithm. On suggested protocol (LEH3LA) with planning of selected auction cluster head, and alternative cluster head node, problem of delay on processing, processing of selecting members, decrease of expenses, and energy consumption, decrease of sending message, and receiving messages inside the clusters, selecting of cluster heads in large sensor networks were solved. This algorithm uses hierarchical heterogeneous network (3-levels), collective intelligence, and intra-cluster interaction for communications. Also it will solve the problems of sending data in Multi-BS mobile networks, expanding inter-cluster networks, overlap cluster, genesis orphan nodes, boundary change dynamically clusters, using backbone networks, cloud sensor. Using sleep/wake scheduling algorithm or TDMA-schedule alternative cluster head node provides redundancy, and fault tolerance. Local processing in cluster head nodes, and alternative cluster head, intra-cluster and inter-cluster communications such as Multi-HOP cause increase on processing speed, and sending data intra-cluster and inter-cluster. Decrease of overhead network, and increase the load balancing among cluster heads. Using encapsulation of data method, by cluster head nodes, energy consumption decrease during sending data. Also by improving quality of service (QoS) in CBRP, LEACH, 802.15.4, decrease of energy consumption in sensors, cluster heads and alternative cluster head nodes, cause increase on lift time of sensor networks.

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