Proposal to Encode Nautical Chart Symbol used in Running Text


This document presents a proposal to encode a subset of symbols used in nautical charts. As documented, the characters in this particular subset occur regularly in running text and are therefore suitable to encoding as characters. This document also provides background information on the general nature of symbols used in nautical charts, with particular emphasis on those that appear in publications in text form. Nautical chart symbols contain features that can be represented as combining characters. Some of the symbols are similar to existing Unicode characters, requiring the discussion of the extent of possible unification. The proposal concludes with a tabular listing of the proposed repertoire of nautical chart symbols for use in running text.

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@inproceedings{Freytag2012ProposalTE, title={Proposal to Encode Nautical Chart Symbol used in Running Text}, author={Asmus Freytag and Michel Suignard and Eberhard R. Hilf and Karl L. Pentzlin}, year={2012} }