Proposal of resilience assessment by focusing on pliability


Resilience is a concept which presents the strength of mind necessary to adopt the difficulties and to recover from negative psychological state. The assessment for resilience has been assessed by using interview and questionnaire which depend on subjectivity of participants. Though the objective assessment for resilience is expected to advance the biofeedback treatment, neither effective method nor instrument have been developed. Then this study focuses on the pliability as one of aspects of resilience and experimentally verifies whether it becomes a novel index for resilience or not.

DOI: 10.1007/s10015-015-0257-2

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@article{Otabe2015ProposalOR, title={Proposal of resilience assessment by focusing on pliability}, author={Takako Otabe and Tomochika Kaneda and Makoto Yoshikai and Tatushi Tokuyasu}, journal={Artificial Life and Robotics}, year={2015}, volume={21}, pages={79-84} }