Proposal of an External Processor Scheduling in Micro - Kernel based Operating Systems


Until now, the management of resources was a task of the operating systems kernel. The applications running on the operating system were in general, similiar to each other. Thus the limited policy of the resource manager could satisfy the demands of applications. With the advent of computer systems capable handling new applications such as multi-media and of new operating systems based on micro-kernels and supporting object paradigm in a distributed environment, an external resource manager became important for both traditional operating systems like UNIX with new applications and new object oriented and micro-kernel based operating systems. In this paper an approach to an external scheduling on the basis of the operating system BirliX is given. The proposal is based on a scheduler implemented in the user space. Problems of the implementation are described by means of the operating system BirliX as an example. Because the operating system is a distributed object-oriented operating system, our proposal deals with local and distributed managers. Coming from a system model of the BirliX, a resource model, and a process model, the scheduling model is developed.

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