Proposal of a Fuzzy Control System for Heat Transfer Using PLC

  title={Proposal of a Fuzzy Control System for Heat Transfer Using PLC},
  author={Martin Nestick{\'y} and Tomas Skulavik and Jaroslav Znamenak},
The article presents a fuzzy controller design for using PLC as a control system. The subject of controlling is a mathematical model of a heat exchanger modeled in Simulink. The control algorithm was developed and configurated in the FuzzyControl++ configuration tools for the automation of technical processes. The goal of the paper is to explore the possibilities to implement and realize the potential of fuzzy control in areas belonging to the domain of classical regulation. Model of the closed… 



Simulation of Hybrid Fuzzy Adaptive Control of Pneumatic Muscle Actuator

The nonlinear dynamic model of one-DOF actuator based on the advanced geometric muscle model was used in simulation and some simulation results of this control were presented.

Reference model for hybrid adaptive control of pneumatic muscle actuator

  • M. TóthováJ. Pitel’
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2014 IEEE 9th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics (SACI)
  • 2014
There is presented nonlinear dynamic model of one-DOF pneumatic muscle actuator for use as reference model in adaptation mechanism of hybrid adaptive fuzzy controller.

Electro-Pneumatic Robot Actuator with Artificial Muscles and State Feedback

Pneumatic position servo system with artificial muscles described in this paper represents feedback control system with non-linear compensation controller of state variables. The designed system

Specificities of safety PLC based implementation of the safety functions

This paper focuses on the use of PLCs in the industrial safety relevant applications, where the identification of required safety functions, together with their safety integrity level (SIL) is risk-based, which involves a risk analysis of the controlled process.

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Communication security of industrial networks

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Fuzzy system for PLC

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