Proposal for the Quantum Simulation of the CP(2) Model on Optical Lattices

  title={Proposal for the Quantum Simulation of the CP(2) Model on Optical Lattices},
  author={Catherine Laflamme and Wynne Evans and Marcello Dalmonte and Urs Gerber and H'ector Mej'ia-D'iaz and Wolfgang Bietenholz and U. Wiese and Peter Zoller},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Lattice},
The 2d CP(N-1) models share a number of features with QCD, like asymptotic freedom, a dynamically generated mass gap and topological sectors. They have been formulated and analysed successfully in the framework of the so-called D-theory, which provides a smooth access to the continuum limit. In that framework, we propose an experimental set-up for the quantum simulation of the CP(2) model. It is based on ultra-cold Alkaline-Earth Atoms (AEAs) located on the sites of an optical lattice, where… 

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