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Proposal for constraining non-Newtonian gravity at nm range via criticality enhanced measurement of resonance frequency shift

  title={Proposal for constraining non-Newtonian gravity at nm range via criticality enhanced measurement of resonance frequency shift},
  author={Lei Chen and Jian Liu and Ka-di Zhu},
  • Lei Chen, Jian Liu, Ka-di Zhu
  • Published 2021
  • Physics
We propose a quantum mechanical method of constraining non-Newtonian gravity at the nanometer range. In this method, a hybrid electro-optomechanical system is employed. Applying a strong driving field, we can obtain normal mode splitting of the electromechanical subsystem which is related to the resonance frequency of the mechanical oscillator. Moreover, we investigate the relationship between the variance of normal mode splitting and the resonance frequency shift induced by the gradient of… Expand

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