Proposal for classification of the circumaortic renal collar's morphology.

  title={Proposal for classification of the circumaortic renal collar's morphology.},
  author={Konstantinos Natsis and Ioannis A. Tsitouridis and Trifon Totlis and Sofia Levva and Prokopios D. Tsikaras and Panagiotis N. Skandalakis},
  journal={The American surgeon},
  volume={74 12},
In the present study, we propose a classification of the different forms of the circumaortic renal collar based on the findings of 319 patients and on a literature review. The patients underwent a CT angiography scan of the abdomen for various diagnostic reasons. The different forms in which the circumaortic renal collar may appear were categorized. The renal collar was observed in eight of the 319 (2.5%) patients. The classification we propose is the following: Type I, one left renal vein… CONTINUE READING

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