Propolis: a potential natural product to fight Candida species infections.

  title={Propolis: a potential natural product to fight Candida species infections.},
  author={Fl{\'a}via Kelly Tobaldini-Val{\'e}rio and Patr{\'i}cia de S Bonfim-Mendonça and H{\'e}len C{\'a}ssia Rosseto and Marcos Luciano Bruschi and M. Henriques and Melyssa Fernanda Norman Negri and S{\'o}nia Duarte Silva and Terezinha I E Svidzinski},
  journal={Future microbiology},
AIM To evaluate the effect of propolis against Candida species planktonic cells and its counterpart's biofilms. MATERIALS & METHODS The MIC values, time-kill curves and filamentation form inhibition were determined in Candida planktonic cells. The effect of propolis on Candida biofilms was assessed through quantification of CFUs. RESULTS MIC values, ranging from 220 to 880 µg/ml, demonstrated higher efficiency on C. albicans and C. parapsilosis than on C. tropicalis cells. In addition… CONTINUE READING