Propofol infusion syndrome: an overview of a perplexing disease.

  title={Propofol infusion syndrome: an overview of a perplexing disease.},
  author={Vincenzo Fodale and Enza La Monaca},
  journal={Drug safety},
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Propofol (2, 6-diisopropylphenol) is a potent intravenous hypnotic agent that is widely used in adults and children for sedation and the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia. Propofol has gained popularity for its rapid onset and rapid recovery even after prolonged use, and for the neuroprotection conferred. However, a review of the literature reveals multiple instances in which prolonged propofol administration (>48 hours) at high doses (>4 mg/kg/h) may cause a rare, but frequently fatal… CONTINUE READING