[Prophylaxis of wound infection with immobilized antibacterial drugs].


New drug ambipor that is an immobilized antibacterial agent with local prolonged therapeutic activity was developed for prophylaxis of wound suppuration. In ambipor A drugs gentamicin, dioxidin, kephzol and riphampicin are immobilazed, in iodopor - iodine. Experimental studies on 455 white rats showed that ambipor prevents suppuration, abscess formation around ligatures, improve regeneration and fibrillogenesis. In clinical practice ambipor A and iodopor were used in 562 patients. Rate of suppuration decreased from 11.7 to 2.3% compared with control group of patients.

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@article{Bolenko2004ProphylaxisOW, title={[Prophylaxis of wound infection with immobilized antibacterial drugs].}, author={A V Bolenko and D D Men'shikov and G. P. Titov and S V Kuprikov}, journal={Khirurgiia}, year={2004}, volume={10}, pages={54-8} }