Prophylaxis of Thromboembolism in Critical Care (PROTECT) Trial: a pilot study.

  title={Prophylaxis of Thromboembolism in Critical Care (PROTECT) Trial: a pilot study.},
  author={Deborah J Cook and Graeme M. Rocker and Maureen Meade and Gordon H. Guyatt and W. H. Lensing Geerts and D. Victor Anderson and Yoanna Skrobik and Paul D. N. Hebert and Martin L. Albert and Jamie Johnson Cooper and Shannon M. Bates and Christopher Caco and Simon Finfer and Robert L. Fowler and Andreas P. Freitag and John J Granton and G. Jones and St{\'e}phan Langevin and Sangeeta Mehta and Giuseppe Pagliarello and Germain Poirier and Christian C Rabbat and David Schiff and Lauren Griffith and Mark A. Crowther},
  journal={Journal of critical care},
  volume={20 4},
PURPOSE There is no randomized trial comparing low-molecular weight heparin (LMWH) and unfractionated heparin (UFH) for thromboprophylaxis in medical-surgical ICU patients. The primary objective of this randomized pilot study on LMWH vs UFH was to assess the feasibility of conducting a large randomized trial with respect to timely enrollment and blinded study drug administration, practicality of twice-weekly lower limb ultrasounds to screen for deep venous thrombosis, LMWH bioaccumulation and… CONTINUE READING


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