Prophylaxis in haemophilia: a double-blind controlled trial.

  title={Prophylaxis in haemophilia: a double-blind controlled trial.},
  author={A Aronstam and P G Arblaster and S G Rainsford and Philippe Turk and Marty L. Slattery and Mark R. Alderson and D E Hall and P J Kirk},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={33 1},
A double-blind controlled trial of prophylactic factor VIII therapy has been carried out on nine severe haemophiliacs at the Lord Mayor Treloar College. Infusions were given once weekly and calculated to give a post-infusion plasma concentration of at least 0.25 I.U./ml of factor VIII. This regime reduced the overall bleeding frequency by 15%. The bleeding frequency in the first 3 days post-infusion was reduced by 66%. A moderate overall reduction in morbidity was also achieved. It is… CONTINUE READING