Prophylactic oral nystatin and fungal infections in very-low-birthweight infants.

  title={Prophylactic oral nystatin and fungal infections in very-low-birthweight infants.},
  author={Maureen E Sims and Y Yoo and Hui You and C A Salminen and Frans J Walther},
  journal={American journal of perinatology},
  volume={5 1},
Prevention of systemic fungal infection in the very-low-birthweight infant is important since it is associated with a high morbidity and mortality. To determine if oral nystatin administration could prevent fungal colonization and infection, we evaluated 67 preterm infants with birthweights less than 1250 gm. Thirty-three infants received 1 ml (100,000 units/ml) of nystatin inside the mouth every 8 hours until 1 week after extubation. Oropharyngeal, rectal, blood, and urine cultures were… CONTINUE READING
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