Properties of the ubiquitin-pex5p thiol ester conjugate.

  title={Properties of the ubiquitin-pex5p thiol ester conjugate.},
  author={Cl{\'a}udia P Grou and Andreia F Carvalho and Manuel P. Pinto and Sofie J Huybrechts and Clara S{\'a}-Miranda and Marc Fransen and Jorge E Azevedo},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 16},
Pex5p, the peroxisomal protein cycling receptor, binds newly synthesized peroxisomal matrix proteins in the cytosol and promotes their translocation across the organelle membrane. During its transient passage through the membrane, Pex5p is monoubiquitinated at a conserved cysteine residue, a requisite for its subsequent ATP-dependent export back into the cytosol. Here we describe the properties of the soluble and membrane-bound monoubiquitinated Pex5p species (Ub-Pex5p). Our data suggest that 1… CONTINUE READING
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