Properties of the hole and electron doped perovskites LnCoO3

  title={Properties of the hole and electron doped perovskites LnCoO3},
  author={Zdeněk Jir{\'a}k and Jiř{\'i} Hejtm{\'a}nek and Karel Kn{\'i}{\vz}ek and Miroslav Veverka},
Two extreme members of the cobaltite series, LaCoO3 and DyCoO3, were investigated by the electrical resistivity and thermopower measurements up to 800-1000 K. Special attention was given to effects of extra holes or electrons, introduced by light doping of Co sites by Mg2+ or Ti4+ ions. The experiments on the La based compounds were complemented with magnetic measurements. The study shows that both kinds of charge carriers induce magnetic states on surrounding CoIII sites and form thus…