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Properties of terms of OEIS A342810

  title={Properties of terms of OEIS A342810},
  author={R. Jehn and Kester Habermann},
The OEIS sequence A342810 contains the numbers that divide the smallest number that has the sum of their digits. It is proved that if a term x has the form 3 × y where m ≥ 2, then all prime factors of y are prime divisors of solutions to 10 ≡ 1(modn). It is also proved that if a term x has the form 3 × p × q where m ≥ 2, where p is a prime divisor of a solution to 10 ≡ 1(modn) and where q is the product of all other factors of the prime factorisation of x, then all numbers 3×p×q are also terms… Expand

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