Properties of melt textured Sm/Nd-Ba-Cu composites

  title={Properties of melt textured Sm/Nd-Ba-Cu composites},
  author={A. W. Kaiser and Wolfgang Hennig and Hans Joachim Bornemann},
Abstract Melt textured Nd 1 Ba 2 Cu 3 O y - and Sm 1 Ba 2 Cu 3 O y -composites with different additions of Nd 4 Ba 2 Cu 2 O 10 /Sm 2 Ba 1 Cu 1 O 5 have been prepared. The temperature schedule, the oxygen atmosphere during melt texturing and the amount of additions determines the resulting superconducting properties. From the evaluation of critical temperature and critical current density for fields up to 5 T, the necessity of different processing parameters for Nd 1 Ba 2 Cu 3 O y - and Sm 1 Ba… CONTINUE READING

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