Properties of high gain GaAs switches for pulsed power applications

  title={Properties of high gain GaAs switches for pulsed power applications},
  author={F. J. Zutavern and G. Loubriel and H. P. Hjalmarson and A. J. Mar and W. D. Helgeson and M. W. O'Malley and M. H. Ruebush and R Falk},
  journal={Digest of Technical Papers. 11th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference (Cat. No.97CH36127)},
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High gain GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSS) are being used in a variety of electrical and optical short pulse applications. The highest power application, which we are developing, is a compact, repetitive, short pulse linear induction accelerator. The array of PCSS, which drive the accelerator, will switch 75 kA and 250 kV in 30 ns long pulses at 50 Hz. The accelerator will produce a 700 kV, 7kA electron beam for industrial and military applications. In the low power regime… CONTINUE READING