Properties of ectopic neurons induced by Xenopus neurogenin1 misexpression.

  title={Properties of ectopic neurons induced by Xenopus neurogenin1 misexpression.},
  author={Edith C S Olson and Alejandro F Schinder and Jami L. M. Dantzker and Etgar Marcus and Nicholas C. Spitzer and William A. Harris},
  journal={Molecular and cellular neurosciences},
  volume={12 4-5},
We have examined cells cultured from ectoderm-misexpressing Neurogenin1 (Ngn1) to describe better the extent to which this gene can control aspects of neuronal phenotype including motility, morphology, excitability, and synaptic properties. Like primary spinal neurons which normally express Ngn1, cells in Ngn1-misexpressing cultures exhibit a motility-correlated behavior called circus movements prior to neuritogenesis. Misexpression of NeuroD also causes circus movements and later neuronal… CONTINUE READING