Properties of beta-propeller phytase expressed in transgenic tobacco.

  title={Properties of beta-propeller phytase expressed in transgenic tobacco.},
  author={W T Chan and Shiu-Cheung Lung and Boon Leong Lim},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={46 1},
Phytases are enzymes that liberate inorganic phosphates from phytate. In a previous study, a beta-propeller phytase (168phyA) from Bacillus subtilis was introduced into transgenic tobacco, which resulted in certain phenotypic changes. In the study described herein, the recombinant phytase (t168phyA) was purified from transgenic tobacco to near homogeneity by a three-step purification scheme. The biochemical properties and kinetic parameters of t168phyA were compared with those of its… CONTINUE READING

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