Properties of an encephalitogenic canine parainfluenza virus

  title={Properties of an encephalitogenic canine parainfluenza virus},
  author={James F. Evermann and Steven G. Krakowka and A. J. McKeirnan and Wolfgang Baumgaertner},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
An isolate of canine parainfluenza (CPI) virus from the cerebrospinal fluid of a dog with neurological dysfunction was characterizedin vitro in comparison to a prototype strain of CPI virus, D008. The virus, designated 78–238 was found to be antigenically related to CPI virus (Manhatten strain) and simian virus 5 (SV5), but not to mumps virus (Enders strain). Ultrastructural observation of gradient-purified 78–238 virus revealed enveloped pleomorphic virions with helical nucleocapsid symmetry… CONTINUE READING