Properties of ThO2 , UO2 and PuO2 as Function of Pretreatment and their Dissolution in HNO3.

  title={Properties of ThO2 , UO2 and PuO2 as Function of Pretreatment and their Dissolution in HNO3.},
  author={Helmut Greiling and Κ. H. Lieser},
Analysis of BET specific surface area in several recycled oxide powders
The surface area data of feed oxide powders is of fundamental interest to optimize the process of nuclear fuel fabrication. The single-point Brunauer–Emmet–Teller (BET) specific surface area of
Rôle de l'acide nitreux sur la dissolution des oxydes à base d'uranium (IV): Mécanisme et suivi operando de l'interface solide/solution
La dissolution en milieu nitrique de combustibles uses presentant de fortes teneurs en plutonium constitue l’une des etapes importantes pour le dimensionnement de leur procede de retraitement. Dans
An Integrated Process for Recycling of ThO 2 Based Mixed Oxide Rejected Nuclear Fuel Pellets
This paper presents a study on the process engineering aspects of relevance to the industrial implementation of ThO2 and (Th, U)O2 mixed oxide (MOX) pellet type fuel manufacturing. The paper in
Use of Triflic Acid in the Recycling of Thoria from Nuclear Fuel Production Scrap
The complexity in the dissolution of thoria (ThO2) and thorium-based fuels at an industrial scale is one of the limiting factors for the implementation of the thorium fuel cycle. In this study, we
Dissolution of uranium dioxide in nitric acid media: what do we know?
This article draws a state of knowledge of the dissolution of uranium dioxide in nitric acid media. The chemistry of the reaction is first investigated, and two reactions appear as most suitable to
Anthropogenic plutonium-244 in the environment: Insights into plutonium’s longest-lived isotope
This work describes the first long-term investigation of anthropogenic 244Pu occurrence in the environment, taken at SRS over an eleven year period, from 2003 to 2014.