Properties of TAXI-type endoxylanase inhibitors.

  title={Properties of TAXI-type endoxylanase inhibitors.},
  author={Kurt Gebruers and Kristof Brijs and Christophe M Courtin and Katleen Fierens and Hans Goesaert and Anja Rabijns and Gert Raedschelders and Johan Robben and Stefaan Sansen and Jens Frisbaek S\orensen and Steven van Campenhout and Jan A Delcour},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1696 2},
Two types of proteinaceous endoxylanase inhibitors occur in different cereals, i.e. the TAXI [Triticum aestivum endoxylanase inhibitor]-type and XIP [endoxylanase inhibiting protein]-type inhibitors. The present paper focuses on the TAXI-type proteins and deals with their structural characteristics and the identification, characterisation and heterologous expression of a TAXI gene from wheat. In addition, to shed light on the mechanism by which TAXI-type endoxylanase inhibitors work, the enzyme… CONTINUE READING

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