Properties of NMDA receptors in rat spinal cord motoneurons.

  title={Properties of NMDA receptors in rat spinal cord motoneurons.},
  author={Jiri Palecek and Galya Abdrachmanova and Viktorie Vlachova and L Vyklick},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={11 3},
Postnatal development and properties of N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors were studied with whole-cell and outside-out patch-clamp techniques in interneurons and fluorescence-labelled motoneurons in rat spinal cord slices. Both the absolute amplitude of NMDA-induced currents and currents normalized with respect to the motoneuron capacitance increased significantly at postnatal days 10-13 when compared to the responses evoked at postnatal days 2-3. The mean amplitude of the responses to… CONTINUE READING


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