Properties of Cr:LiSrAIF(6) crystals for laser operation.

  title={Properties of Cr:LiSrAIF(6) crystals for laser operation.},
  author={Stephen A. Payne and Lesley K. Smith and Raymond J. Beach and Boon Chai and J H Tassano and L D Deloach and W L Kway and R W Solarz and William F. Krupke},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={33 24},
We have performed several physical and optical measurements on the Cr:LiSAF (LiSrAlF(6)) laser material that are relevant to its laser performance, including thermal and mechanical properties, water durabilities, and Auger upconversion constants. The expansion coefficient, Young's modulus, fracture toughness, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity are all used to determine an overall thermomechanical figure of merit for the crystal. An investigation of the water durability suggests that the… CONTINUE READING


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