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Proper orthogonal decomposition of eigen modes in a gas affected by a mass force

  title={Proper orthogonal decomposition of eigen modes in a gas affected by a mass force},
  author={Anna Perelomova and Sergey Leble},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
The relations connecting perturbations in acoustic and entropy modes in a gas affected by a constant mass force, are derived. The background temperature of a gas may vary in the direction of an external mass force. The relations are independent on time. They make possible to decompose the total vector of perturbations into acoustic and non-acoustic parts uniquely at any instant. %The conclusions of distribution of the energy between sound and entropy modes may be also made at any instant. In… 



Weakly nonlinear dynamics of short acoustic waves in exponentially stratifiedgas

The types of linear motion over an ideal gas affected by gravity are specified approximately in the case of large characteristic wave number of perturbation k: k[ampersand]gt;[ampersand]gt; 1/H,

Acoustic waves in a stratified atmosphere

Context. The quiet solar chromosphere in the interior of supergranulation cells is believed to be heated by the dissipation of acoustic waves that originate with a typical period of 3 min in the

Study of internal wave breaking dependence on stratification

Mixing effect in a stratified fluid is considered and examined. Euler equations for incompressible fluid stratified by a gravity field are applied to state a mathematical problem and describe the

Acoustic waves in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere generated by deep tropical convection

[1] A time-dependent, nonlinear, fully compressible, axisymmetric, f-plane, numerical model is used to simulate the propagation of acoustic waves in the mesosphere and thermosphere by intense deep

A study of acoustic propagation from a large bolide in the atmosphere with a dense seismic network

[1] A large meteor entered the atmosphere above northeastern Oregon on 19 February 2008 at 530 PST. Several hundreds of broadband seismic stations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest recorded

Nonlinear Waves in Waveguides: With Stratification

1. Introduction.- 1.1 General Remarks.- 1.2 Overview.- 2. The Discrimination and Interaction of Hydrodynamical Waves of Different Types.- 2.1 Hydrodynamic Wave Equations in a Three-Dimensional

Geophysical fluid dynamics, Springer-Verlag, New York

  • 1987

Nonlinear dynamics of directed acoustic waves in stratified and homogeneousliquids and gases with~arbitrary equation of state

A method of separating one-dimensional disturbances into components propagating upwards and downwards and the stationary one in a stratified medium was developed. The system of equations is split

The Transarctic Acoustic Propagation Experiment and climate monitoring in the Arctic

In April 1994, coherent acoustic transmissions were propagated across the entire Arctic basin for the first time. This experiment, known as the Transarctic Acoustic Propagation Experiment (TAP), was

Entropy , Acoustic and Vorticity Mode Decomposition as Initial step in Non - linear Acoustic Formulation ”

  • Nonlinear waves in waveguides with stratification
  • 1990